Antonio Rillera, known professionally as Pucho (stylized as PUCHO), is an American artist and designer of Puerto Rican descent. Originally from Miami, FL, the moniker Pucho was given to him as a child, which he chose to bring with him throughout life and as a signature for his work.


Originally pursuing a traditional career path, he ventured into media arts and graphic design which led him to work as a freelance graphic designer for corporate clients which included Gloria Jeans Coffee, Coca-Cola, The US Army, Pfizer, Wells Fargo, and many other companies around the globe.

During this time he also started multiple businesses and found himself overly stressed and unhappy, throwing him into a world of depression and seeking fulfillment. Finding little happiness in the business world alone, he decided to go on a more spiritual journey studying various books, religions, sciences, and spiritual practices on a journey towards self-realization. 

Through this spiritual journey, PUCHO discovered a meditative process to work on his own inner peace and happiness with art.


PUCHO’s work aims to reflect this non-sectarian, formless nature of our world, and obstacles which may obstruct our path to self-discovery and realization. Art is generally focused on form, but through his work, he aims to shine a new light on true formless nature of form, to reveal the formlessness of our world – to show the form that has no form, including art.

Combining concepts and principles from Quantum Physics, Zen Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Meditation, Martial Arts and many other sources, he aims to bring the overlapping truth of oneness to his work for the viewer to experience their own self-discovery.

Infusing science and spirituality into his work, while presenting it in a way that can be consumed simply and visually by anyone, PUCHO has created a style he calls “Formless”. Where there is no specific style, category, medium, or subject in which the artist is limited.

Through the Formless style, the artist works in a variety of styles (ie. pop, abstract, realistic, sculpture etc) and various mediums (including acrylic, oil, stencils, spray paint or other materials).

Rather than being chained to a particular style or medium, the artist can play again. The artist is allowed to create freely with all materials, subjects, or styles – without limitations or judgment. Being totally present and immersed in the work, acting with no expectations for the final result.


PUCHO has done various private shows and popups in South Florida.

He has also completed private commissioned work for various clients.

With his passion for merging science and the arts, he was also invited by NASA to help spread social awareness of science and the environment during the NOAA weather satellite launch of GOES-R.